Seoul, South Korea

Welcome to ICETD 2021

2021 11th International Conference on Economics, Trade and Development

Welcome to the official website of 2021 11th International Conference on Economics, Trade and Development (ICETD 2021), which will be held during May 18-20, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. ICETD 2021 is a platform for activists and initiatives that help the shape the world economy with the collaboration of academia, industry and policymakers across the globe. The three-day conference will provide much Networking Spaces and Career Development Opportunities for the participants. We invite participants from all over the world to join with ICETD 2021 in Seoul, South Korea.

Notes: If the conference cannot be held on time due to the force majeure such as politics, weather and disasters, the organizer shall have the right to postpone or cancel the conference. Participants are required to comply with the organizer's arrangements and refund policy.

Notification of ICETD 2021

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Online/Video Presentation are acceptable on the conference. Online presentation session will be arranged accordingly. Please contact the conference secretary for more information about Online/Video Presentation. Participants are required to wear face mask when attending the conference. And conference staff will check the body temperature and take other active action.

Submission Deadline

Please format your article as per the paper template and submit over before the submission deadline. The conference secretary will confirm with you by email.

April 05, 2021

Notification Deadline

The acceptance notification letter will be sent to the emails indicated on the articles by notification deadline. Please wait patiently and look out for your email.

April 25, 2021

Registration Deadline

Please send your final paper, copyright, registration form and payment proof to the conference secretary before the registration deadline.

May 05, 2021

March 11, 2021. News! The submission deadline is extended to April 05, 2021. Welcome to submit your papers. (Click)

February 11, 2021. News! The submission deadline is extended to March 10, 2021. Welcome to submit your papers. (Click)

January 11, 2021. News! The submission deadline is extended to February 10, 2021. Welcome to submit your papers. (Click)

November 09, 2020. News! Welcome Dr. Ho Yin Wong, Dr. Cleopas Bette Ranes-Jacutin and Prof. Bill BAI to join the conference committee. (Click)

February 29, 2020. News! The submission deadline of ICETD 2021 has been extended to March 31. Welcome to submit your paper. (Click)

September 19, 2019. News! Welcome Assoc. Prof. Yusliza Mohd-Yusoff, Dr. Lee Khai Loon and Assoc.Prof. Grigorios Zarotiadis to join in the technical committee of ICETD 2021. (Click)

September 06, 2019. News! Welcome Prof. Cheol Park from Korea University, South Korea to serve as the conference chair of ICETD 2020. (Click)

August 09, 2019. News! ICETD 2020 will be held in Seoul, South Korea from May 27-29, 2020. Welcome researchers, scholars and students in the related field to attend the conference.


The accepted excellent papers will be recommended to international journals whose topics are related to the paper. Which journal to be recommended will be updated after your paper passed the review process.

If you submitted a full paper, your paper will be through two rounds of reviewing, including the a plagiarism check and a peer-to-peer review by the relevant professional of the conference committee. Generally, the whole review procedure will take 2-4 weeks (or more). If your submission was accepted, we would like to send an official notification of acceptance to all authors, as well as the review report form. Please look out for your email from the conference secretary.

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